"Özbay International is an extremely versatile investment company"

Today, there are three independent investment partnerships operating with the Özbay brand name, each with their own strategy and focus.


The Özbay Construction Company provides building services to clients who value diligence, resourcefulness and creativity in a partner. We maintain a network of offices in Europe and around the globe, with a staff of 2000 employees who work on more than 700 projects each year. With $3 billion in annual construction volume, we rank first or second in the industry’s major market segments.


The Özbay Medical Company, a devoted group of innovators striving to Empower the Excellence of our customers in every way they need. In today’s reality, that means pushing the envelope in imaging technologies for optimal patient care – and, building in automating and streamlining tools to aid in optimal productivity and efficiency. Optimal patient care and optimal productivity.


The Özbay Tourism Company is one of europe’s leading tourism consultancies, delivering high quality tourism strategies, marketing plans, feasibility studies and a range of other services to clients across the europe and worldwide. We offer a wealth of specialist experience in tourism, with clients ranging from international bodies and national and local government to tourism enterprises, heritage and environmental agencies and local communities.